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Website Design and Development

Many people have developed a habit of interchangeably using website design and web development. They think they refer to the same thing. The habit may have been caused by the skills set between web developers and web designers. Quite often, the designers know about the website developments and the designers also know about web design. Nonetheless, there is a significant difference between these two terms.

Web development entails programming the website and building it from scratch with a focus on how it operates. Developers use programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, and others in developing the website. They are concerned with how the customers use the websites when searching the products or services.

On the other hand, web design entails the appearance of the website. The website has to be attractive and easy to navigate to customers. The web designers are the ones responsible for the look of your website. These designers know to how come up with a good web design that is engaging and SEO friendly in order to attract more customers.

That is a significant difference between the development and design of websites. Although some professionals can perform both duties, it doesn’t mean there is no difference. Designers are concerned about the usability of the website whereas developers are concerned about workability of the website.


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What is the difference between the mobile sites and the responsive sites?

When creating websites, it is important to know that which website is most suitable for your business. With the advance of technology, there are many people who use mobiles to surf the internet due to their convenience. Which one among the responsive site and the mobile site should you have? This is the question to be asked by your web developer.

The mobile site is a website that is specifically developed for the mobiles. It normally comes with the features of the main website discarded in order to compromise a better view on the mobile. The company might have the logo and the colors displayed on the mobile site but some graphics will be discarded. Moreover, when developing the websites, it needs a different program to develop for the mobile site. In terms of costs, you might have a burden costs of the main website and the mobile site as well due to different programs used for developments.

On the other hand, the responsive site is designed to give an elegant view of the website on any device used to surf the internet. Whether getting into the internet using tablets, mobile phones or desktops, the look will be the same. They provide easy navigation tools on all devices, and they can be re-sized according to the size of the device used. The responsive site uses CSS3 media queries and other technologies to resemble the look of main websites on the desktop.


Technologies used for web development and web design

When developing and designing websites, there are languages and technologies which make the webs functional according to our desires. These include PHP, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, PHTML, and others.

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