Wayne Bromiley

Website Audits

Wayne Bromiley
In order to rank higher in search engines

You will need an AUDIT report that will help you optimize your site and its pages.

It is crucial you get these pages correct these days especially when Google changes his algorithm all the time,  So it is not a case of beating or trying to manipulate Google its about being one step head of your competitors So if you want to stay in business you need stay inline with Google’s rules and regulations  , or you will suffer a penalty like many other websites, with our Audit report you will be able to see what’s good and what’s bad on your site.

The Audit Report Includes -500 Website Audit Pages.

  • Broken links
  • Server errors
  • Timeout errors
  • Empty Titles
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Duplicate Content
  • http: & https
  • www & non-www
  • No Text Content
  • Little Text Content
  • No Bot Allowed
  • Bot Blocked
  • Click depth
  • Temp Redirect
  • To Many Links
  • Meta Desc
  • Titles
  • URLS
  • H1
  • Images
  • And much more